CJ Henderson Builders provide a wide range of services including custom construction, renovation and commercial developments.

When you’ve been building homes for over 20 years, you learn that little things do make a big difference.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: At CJ Henderson Builders we only build four to five homes a year, allowing us to completely focus on your project, ensuring we can supply the best tradespeople and materials at every step of the journey.

COMMUNICATION: Unlike with other builders when you pick up the phone to call us, you deal directly with Cam, the owner – there’s no middle man.

FLEXIBILITY: Sometimes we discover during the building process that things can be done better, or you’ve just changed your mind. That’s where our flexibility comes to the fore, we’re happy to make the change, without fuss.

ECO-FRIENDLY: While we put all our energy into creating a unique home for you, we’re also aware of the need for it to be environmentally sustainable.

This is achieved through linking smart design with energy efficient materials and the latest technologies to deliver a home that is not only comfortable to live in, but good for the environment and efficient to run.

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